Easy Ways to Change 3G Network to “4G Only” on Android

Usually when we buy an internet package such as: B. from Telekomsel, Indosat, XL 3, Axis and other providers, a 4G quota.

But unfortunately the 4G internet quota is not used optimally, because when in our home area or in certain places the 4G network sometimes disappears and switches to a 3G network. This can lead to unused 4G allotment that we have.

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To solve this problem, we need to force the switch from 3G network to only 4G (4G). only). To follow this tutorial, your card and Android must already support 4G technology.

Please first check the specifications of your Android type to see if it supports 4G technology or not and if you are using an old provider card, please go to the card provider socket where you will be switching to 4G. Check out the following tutorial:

1. Download 4G LTE switch app on Google Play.

2. Run the 4G LTE app counter.

3. Change “Set preferred network type:” Will 4G only.

4. Please wait a moment for the signal to automatically switch to 4G. Complete.

To be able to normalize again, please return to the initial settings, select Network type: LTE / UMTS automobile (PRL) or LTE / CDMA / UMTS automobile (PRL).

4G LTE app counter can run on both Samsung and HTC for those who don’t support with 4G LTE app counter can use the manual method, namely through a phone call or dial in Use code number * # * # 4636 # * # * (for Xioami, Lenovo and other users).

Then choose Phone information and change it to network type 4G / LTE only.

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Note: The disadvantage of this method is to change the network to “4G”. only“We cannot receive calls and SMS. So when you switch to a 4G network, only The map can only be used for surfing.

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