Easy ways to calculate Zakat Fitrah and Mal on Android

Zakat is a quality that must be issued by every Muslim when they have met the conditions established by Islamic law, such as Zakat Fitrah and Zakat Maal, which are intended to be given to groups that are entitled to receive them, such as poor, poor , Converts in need of help, people who have a lot of debts, people who fight in the path of Allah SWT, zakat administrators and people who have good intentions and run out of money on their way.

In the past, if people wanted to pay zakat, they would normally calculate it manually, but with today’s fast and sophisticated era, calculating zakat with the help of applications on the Internet has become easier. Smartphone.

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For those of you who want to know and calculate how much zakat to spend, such as: B. Zakat-Fitrah and Ownership, here is an easy way:

Zakat consists of 2, This is zakat fitrah and Zakat Mal (wealth), zakat times covers from Income / savings / money, gold, silver, income from trade, agriculture, ranching, mining, and found objects.

Requirements for paying zakat:

  • Islam
  • independent
  • Reasonable and baligh
  • Have nishab

Of the many zakat calculator applications in the Play Store, there are the 3 best zakat calculator applications for Android based on tests / tests and the completeness of the functions.

A. Simple Ways to Calculate Zakat Fitrah

Zakat Fitrah is Zakat that must be issued by a Muslim before Eid al-Fitr in the month of Ramadan. This amount of zakat corresponds to 3.5 liters (2.7 kilograms) of staple food.

1. To calculate Zakat Fitrah, you can use the Zakat Pal application or the Zakat calculator for Android, which you can download for free from Google Play.

Zakat Pal. download

Download the zakat calculator

2. Run the Zakat Pal application or the Zakat calculator, then select the Zakat Fitrah menu. Enter the average rice price per liter. for example Rp. 10,000. Then tap the Calculate button and the result is Rp. 35,000

This means that you are required to pay zakat fitrah per person in the amount of IDR 35,000

B. Easy ways to calculate zakat times

Zakat mal is a zakat that must be issued by a Muslim and includes money / savings, gold, silver, results from trade, agriculture, ranching, mining and found assets. Each type has its own calculation.

Zakat mal / property must be issued if it has exceeded a hole (one year)except for agricultural zakat, as agricultural zakat is taken at harvest and found treasures are taken when they find it.

To calculate zakat times, it is recommended to use the application Zakat calculator.

1. Install the GGP Zakat Calculator or the Syaban Zakat Calculator on Android, free download from Google Play.

Download the GGP Zakat calculator

Download the Syaban Zakat Calculator

2. Run the zakat calculator application, then select the zakat menu based on your preferences, e.g. For example, you want to calculate zakat for savings that have been saved for 1 year.

3. Follow the instructions for entering your assets, such as: B. savings, deposits. If you have a total savings of IDR 100,000,000 then the zakat payable is IDR 2,500,000. Because of the nishab, 2.5% is taken.

This is an easy way to calculate Zakat Fitrah and Maal on Android. If calculation and input errors occur, please correct them. Thank you very much

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