Easy ways to activate expired IDM

surfing and Download is the main activity internet users engage in when connected to the internet. When surfing or surf the Internet, Internet users only need an Internet connection and an application such as Google Chrome or Mozilla. Google Chrome and Mozilla are applications most commonly used by internet users to access websites on the internet because their use is simple, easy and attractive. Similar to file download applications, IDM is the most popular application used by Internet users in Indonesia.

IDM offers users a free service for 30 days. After 30 days, the user will receive a message to participate serial number which must be purchased to extend the life of the application. When the user cannot buy and receive serial number then the IDM application will automatically Not active and cannot be opened.

Obtain serial number No problem for internet users with big pockets. However, for those of us who have mediocre pockets, we need to find ways to minimize expenses as much as possible. In this article I am going to discuss one easy way to enable IDM that is expired.


1. Open the IDM application on your computer. When the IDM application you are using already exists Expired then a menu as shown below will appear.

2. For filling serial number the way is very easy. Type “Collection of the IDM serial number“on google. Then you will find many websites that offer serial Free numbers. Click on one of the websites displayed.

3. Search serial number provided and COPY.

4. You can enter the first and last name as you like, fill in the e-mail and INSERT serial number already in Copy before. Before you click OK, make sure the Internet connection is turned off so that serial number can work. Finally, click OK.

5. Done.

How to activate IDM. very easily expired. Much luck.

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