Easily create LINE themes with LINE Theme Studio

Who said LINE themes are difficult to do? How to create a LINE theme manually or with an editor application has perhaps been discussed many times. But I’ve made it more practical with the application LINE theme studio.

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Although the application I developed is still in the testing phase (I purposely disabled some of the features), you can already use this application to edit the LINE for Android theme (currently it is not possible to use the iOS version edit because I don’t know how to use it). I have an iPhone or iPad)

Line theme studio

While still in beta, this app offers features that other editors don’t, including:

  • Open and save the design file without first compressing / decompressing the zip file to your hard drive.
  • Submit the created design via ADB (can use a data cable or wirelessly as long as you have Google USB drivers and your Android device drivers installed on your computer).
  • Easy to use property editor.
  • And much more.

Hope this application allows you to be creative to make LINE themes easily and quickly. Actually, I want to write a tutorial on how to use it, but due to time constraints, I can’t explain in detail how to do it (maybe next time). But I’m sure you can use this apliaksi without a manual :).

For comments, criticism and suggestions please, or via my e-mail thekill96[at]gmail.com.

LINE Theme Studio v1.1.0 b372

LINE Theme Studio v1.1.1 b400 (latest version)

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