EA Surprises Cloud Gaming Service Trials, There Are 4 Games!

FIFA 19 is a game included in EA's cloud gaming service trial list

FIFA 19 is a game included in EA’s cloud gaming service trial list

GridGames.id – International game developer, Electronic Arts (EA) is doing something surprising.

Without any previous rumors, EA joined the competition for cloud gaming services.

In fact, EA has launched a trial phase on its newest service.

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EA gamers and fans are invited to take part in the trial with 4 games on offer: FIFA 19, Titanfall 2, Need for Speed ​​Rivals, and Unravel.

EA’s Chief Technology Officer, Ken Moss revealed that the purpose of this trial was to test the performance and quality of network and server conditions.

There is strong quality of service in cloud gaming by being able to adjust to real-world, often less than ideal, conditions such as unstable bandwidth and network strength and deploy as close to the players as possible, even in the face of unstable networks and changes in bandwidth.

Currently, EA is focused on testing cloud gaming services for the PC platform.


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