EA Sports Announces New Video Teaser, FIFA Street Is Back?

GridGames.ID – Football fans always seem excited when there is news that FIFA Street will be back.

The original FIFA Street game was released in 2005 and was followed by its sequels in 2006 and 2008, before its latest install in 2012.

Some fans suggest that the full version of the game be released in the near future, at least the five-on-five format is included in FIFA 20.

FIFA Street fans

FIFA Street fans

Reporting from the GiveMeSport page, many gamers are frustrated with FIFA 19, so information about the next edition has aroused interest and EA has released an interesting trailer this week.

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EA posted on its official Twitter a 27 second teaser clip explaining the full trailer will be uploaded to their YouTube channel at 3 pm (BST) Saturday.

They seem to make a lot of hints in the video entitled ‘The stadium is anywhere’ and shows lots of clips of people playing street football.

The title of the video would certainly imply that fans will be able to play in a different environment than the stadium, perhaps on the futsal field.

Fans have enough evidence that they were disappointed when EA failed to announce any hints regarding FIFA Street.

Meanwhile, many gamers have tweeted that they think FIFA Street will be confirmed for next season.

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The full version of the game will be released on September 27 and will be available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

The latest teaser trailer isn’t the first time FIFA gamers have speculated about street football and EA has indeed confirmed that there are major gameplay changes that will be made in the new game.

It seems that gamer interest has waned somewhat for the FIFA series in recent years, but you can guarantee that gamer interest will increase if FIFA Street returns.


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