Duskwood Update Introducing Episode 4 and New Features

Duskwood Introducing Episode 4 and new features

Duskwood Introducing Episode 4 and new features

GridGames.ID – Developer Everbyte today unveiled the latest episode of the increasingly popular detective thriller Duskwood.

This fourth episode takes us back to the small town of Duskwood.

The story of this episode, we are more invited to reveal the truth behind the disappearance of a local teenager.

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This game has garnered a sizeable fan following on iOS and Android.

With an online community that has sprung up, they are invited to work together, share their findings, and perhaps solve the case.

Based on player feedback, episode four introduces several new features and improvements.

You will be able to find stories and bits of gossip around the city.

There’s even now an interactive Duskwood map that highlights and saves places of interest.

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