Dunia Games League 2022 from Telkomsel for Indonesian gamers

Dunia Games League 2022

Jakarta, 15 May 2022 – Telkomsel continues to move forward affirming its commitment as a enabler in the ecosystem esports Indonesia through the implementation of the 2022 Dunia Games League (DGL). Registration for the competition will be open starting May 16, 2022. The presence of DGL for fans esports Indonesia this year marks the third event after the first time it was held in 2022.

  • Telkomsel, through Dunia Games, confirmed its commitment to support and advance the esports ecosystem in Indonesia by holding the latest edition of this year’s Dunia Games League.
  • Dunia Games League 2022 registration is open from May 16 – May 31, 2022 with the target participants including 24 professional teams and 4,096 PUBG Mobile amateur teams.
  • The best participants will compete in the Grand Final round on 17-18 July 2022 to compete for a total prize of 600 million rupiah.

Telkomsel Marketing Director Rachel Goh said, “Telkomsel, through Dunia Games, is trying to open up more opportunities for fans online game from all over the country to hone playing skills games and competitiveness even further. Platforms Dunia Games will allow players to gamer to channel interests, connect and collaborate to create communities and ecosystems esports more holistic, interesting and growing. The return of DGL this year is a manifestation of our passion and commitment to our fans gamer and industry gaming.”

Dunia Games League 2022
Dunia Games League 2022

“We are proud and happy to be able to present PUBG Mobile in the Dunia Games League for the second year in a row with Telkomsel as the largest telecommunications operator in Indonesia. The collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Telkomsel through Dunia Games is not only to grow PUBG Mobile, but also to strengthen the community esports and industrial growth games in Indonesia. Dunia Games League is platform great for the ecosystem esports in Indonesia because this event is not only a competition for professional teams, but also opens up opportunities for amateur teams to show their playing skills and interest in PUBG Mobile by participating in the 2022 Dunia Games League.

To show our support for the 2022 Dunia Games League, we will provide a follow-up journey that will be taken by the winners of the 2022 Dunia Games League, because the two best participants from the 2022 Dunia Games League will be directly invited to the PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship 2022 Grand Final, ” say Oliver Ye, Director of PUBG Mobile Southeast Asia.

In the two previous events, DGL has successfully attracted tens of thousands of interest gamer from all over Indonesia to take part directly in the competition. The series of matches from DGL which were broadcast live on YouTube also managed to attract the interest of millions of pairs of eyes. Departing from the extraordinary enthusiasm shown by the lovers esports from previous editions, Telkomsel again held DGL this year to reach more fans esports in all regions in Indonesia.

DGL 2022 continues the competition format in previous years by bringing together PUBG heroes (Unknown Battleground Player) Mobile from all corners of the country. Registration is open from May 16 to May 31, 2022 and can be done online on line through the site dgl.duniagames.co.id. Telkomsel targets 24 Professional Team The best PUBG Mobile in Indonesia and 4,096 amateur teams from all regions in the country to participate in DGL 2022.

The participants will compete in the period Qualifier and Play-Ins which will take place from 5 June – 11 July 2022. From there, the best participants will compete in the Grand Final on 17-18 July 2022 to compete for a total prize of 600 million rupiah. All matches are scheduled to be broadcast live via channel Dunia Games & DGTV YouTube, the MAXstream application, and the dgl.duniagames.co.id website.

Expectations for DGL 2022

“DGL became one of the events World Games is the largest other than the Indonesia Games Championship (IGC). We hope that DGL 2022 can open up more opportunities for players gamer in Indonesia to explore the industry esports, both at the amateur and professional level. That way, Indonesia can have more highly competitive talents in the field of education esports,” Rachel concluded.

Dunia Games is platform games and media portals esports number 1 in Indonesia which is owned by Telkomsel. With the number monthly visitors more than 12 million, Dunia Games presents the latest information about games and interesting things around it. In addition, Dunia Games also serves the purchase of coupons or vouchers vouchers for games PC and mobile through service direct carrier billing. Dunia Games can be accessed and enjoyed by all users and the people of Indonesia. Further information can be accessed at www.duniagames.co.id.

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