Drian’s Comeback Brings ONIC Esports Hockey

Performance MPL ID S9 finally continued to the second day of the seventh week which was marked by the return Drian to the ONIC Esports team after previously disappearing from the ranks roster Yellow Hedgehog team in the highest caste of the tournament Mobile Legends this Indonesia.

Bigetron Alpha is a test of Drian’s eligibility to play on MPL ID S9. Can Drian and ONIC Esports get past that high wall? This is the recapitulation Match 1 MPL ID S9 Week 7 Day 2 Among ONIC Esports vs Bigetron Alpha!


Games 1: Assassin + Roamer Combo Duel Won ONIC

Games The first presents a unique battle because both teams use the same strategy Jungler Assassin + Roamers riot, where are the two jungler use together hero who really need purple buffnamely Ling (BTR.Maxxx) and Fanny (ONIC.Sanz).

As a result, the two teams have a very similar pattern of play in early gamesthat is equally disturbing jungler opponent while doing farming. The match was going pretty tough until finally Kiboy who used Hilda was more effective when doing rush compared KYY with Masha.

Had suppressed Bigetron Alpha, ONIC Esports had to withdraw regularly after Lord the first one was captured by Maxxx. Fortunately, the yellow hedgehog team can still withstand the onslaught of attacks from Bigetron Alpha with a weak Lord.

I don’t know what happened, Bigetron Alpha’s attacks decreased after Lord was defeated by ONIC Esports. This moment was successfully used by ONIC Esports to restore the situation until finally Drian et al. managed to get 2 Lord next and destroy base from Bigetron Alpha.

Games 2: Carmilla’s Bad Debut

ONIC Esports made a debut for Carmilla on MPL ID S9 used by Butsss as Offlaner. SUnfortunately, it doesn’t work effectively because Bigetron Alpha uses Baxia jungler currently META in Mobile Legends Season 24 this.

Sure enough, the ONIC Esports attack led by Karina jungler from Sanz unable to penetrate armor Very thick Baxia. ONIC Esports loses in every way, be it Gold nor Turret.

Lack of hero which can restore the situation, so ONIC Esports can only surrender to see base they were completely beaten by the Bigetron Esports retainer. Bottle succeeded in becoming MVP with Lunox thanks to a very neat game that disrupted the rotation of ONIC Esports.

Score 1-1, Bigetron Alpha forced ONIC Esports to play games all three.

Games 3: Aggressive and Objective Play wins ONIC Esports

Games 3 returns to the duel Assassin the exact same as games 1, namely Ling Maxxx vs Fanny Sanz. the difference, roamer the one used this time is different, as well as the appearance of Akai for the first time in MPL ID S9 used by Rippo in EXP Laner.

ONIC fixed all the mistakes they made in games second by playing very neatly. The aggressiveness of Natalia Kiboy is added to the objective turret what the ONIC children are constantly doing makes the Bigetron Alpha game not develop at all.

Until games ended, Bigetron Alpha failed to get any turret from ONIC Esports. The 2-1 victory also managed to become a sweet debut for Drian in MPL ID S9.


That’s the result of match ONIC Esports vs Bigetron Alpha at MPL ID S9 Week 7 Day 2 Match 1 was also the beginning of Drian’s journey with ONIC Esports. This result makes ONIC Esports even stronger in securing Upper Bracketwhile Bigetron Alpha still has to fight in order to qualify for the round playoffs.

MPL ID S9 Week 7 Day 2 continued with the match between EVOS Legends vs Geek Fam. Who managed to come out victorious? Stay tuned only at MPL Indonesia!

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