DreadOut Game Developer, is Preparing 3 New Games

GridGames.ID – After successfully adapting the game into a film, Digital Happiness as the game developer DreadOut, mentioned that there was a new project they were preparing.

Rahmat Imron, CEO of Digital Happiness, said that his company now intends to work on other games and already has a number of game “frameworks”.

“Definitely yes, I really want it (for a new game). There are many prototypes,” said Imron in Jakarta.

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He also mentioned that some of the game prototypes had different genres from games DreadOut which takes the theme of horror.

Among the several prototypes that have been made, there are three game projects that the Indonesian game maker is currently focusing on.

Imron is still embarrassed to reveal the details of the three games. However, he promised that these three prototypes were games that would be no less interesting than DreadOut.

The first project is a game that he thinks is very cool, but the genre or title of the game has not been disclosed yet considering that it is still waiting for investors.

The second is a game adapted from other media, namely comics. “We also want to adapt games from other media, such as comics, through the next game,” Imron added without explaining what comics were adapted.


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