Download the Latest TV 3L PC 2021 (Free Download)

Download the latest 3L PC TV Developers: Smart PC Soft
OS: Windows
Licence: Freeware
Size: 170MB

The 3L PC TV allows you to watch television broadcasts from around the world via the internet. This free software for Windows provides a variety of channels that you can watch without having to pay a monthly subscription fee, complete with an integrated video player.

Some of the channels included in 3L PC TV include Fox, Nickelodeon Jr., Sky Atlantic, BBC Earth, Nat Geo, Animal Planet, HBO, CBC Drama, and many others. According to the official website, there are more than 2000 channels grouped into several categories such as Movies and Drama, Documentary, Sports, News, Kids, and others.

In addition, you can also find special categories for box office films. If you are not satisfied with the existing channel, there is an option to create a new channel list. For easy access, frequently watched channels can be added to a favorites list. In addition, there is also a search feature to find the desired channel.

Main Display of 3L PC TV

Download the latest 3L PC TV

3L PC TV Display

The 3L PC TV display is divided into two main parts, namely the section containing the channel list and the section containing the internal video player. By default the channel list will close automatically after selecting a channel so that the video player display becomes wider. If it’s still not wide enough, you can watching video in full screen mode.

In addition, each channel can be opened in its own tab. If you open five channels, then all five will be loaded in five different tabs. This feature is called Multi Channels and needs to be activated first. The thing to remember, try not to open many channels at once to avoid too high a CPU load.

There is also a Take Snapshot feature that serves to take pictures from videos and save them in .jpg format. This feature is very limited in its capabilities because the user cannot change the location where the image is saved. Besides that, there is also no keyboard shortcut so that taking screenshots can only be done by clicking the button provided.

Likewise with the default video player. Its capabilities are only limited to changing the volume, playing and stopping the video. There are no additional features such as for example to change the playback speed or to turn off subtitles.

Download the Latest 3L PC TV

Its interesting feature is its ability to record playing videos. The recording storage location can be determined as desired and the recording is saved in mp4 format. The drawback is that there are no special keys or keyboard shortcuts to stop recording. In this case you have to stop the video by clicking the Stop button.

If you are interested in trying TV 3L PC, make sure your operating system is Windows XP, 7, 8 or Windows 10 which has Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed in it. For smooth streaming, the internet speed should be at least 10 Mbps. If your connection speed is less than that, choose a channel with low video quality. Download the latest and free 3L PC TV via the link below: