Download the Latest Avant Browser 2021 (Free Download)

Download Avant Browser Developers: Avant Force
OS: Windows
Licence: Freeware
Size: 5MB

Avant Browser probably has almost all the features you would expect from a browser. From just speed dial to mouse gesture, it’s all there. Some of them are already active so you can use them right away, while others are still off so you have to look for these features to activate them.

Avant Browser is also unique because it uses three rendering engines at once to display web pages. Although rare, there are a number of web pages that only appear perfectly when opened in certain browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

If you find a web page like that, you can immediately choose the appropriate rendering engine to open the web page. To select it, place the mouse cursor in the address bar, then click on the browser icon located in the right corner. Next a menu will appear showing the rendering engine used by Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Avant Browser Features

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Avant Browser View

Dozens of Mouse Gestures To Browse the Web

A tab can be closed by pressing the X button on the tab, by right clicking and then selecting Close, by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W, or by using a mouse gesture. If you use a mouse, the most practical option is with mouse gestures because you only need to move the mouse slightly to form the letter L.

Mouse gestures are available to carry out various commands such as opening a new tab, hiding the browser, returning to the previous page, saving a web page, and others. You can also activate Show Mouse Gesture Trail to make it easier to do mouse gestures.

Various Options for Setting Tabs

The option to close all tabs located to the right of the currently active tab can be found in almost every browser, but rarely includes the option to close all tabs located on the left. This option is available in the Avant Browser and can be accessed by right-clicking on a tab, then selecting Close Tabs on the Left.

In addition, Avant Browser can also be set to always open a new tab when you click the contents of a bookmark, history, or RSS. Likewise with the tab size that you can reduce or vice versa.


RSS is the fastest way to get updates from every blog you visit regularly. Avant Browser also provides this feature but you have to find and enter the RSS or OPML address manually. The maximum number that each feed can hold is 1000 items.

Download Avant Browser

Without installing any extensions, Avant Browser already provides an abundance of options so that the browser can be used exactly the way you want it. Even Avant Browser is also capable of displaying multiple websites in one tab. Which is also rarely found in other browsers is a feature to block animation, video, script, images, and sound. Download the latest and free Avant Browser via the link below: