Download the Complete Free Indonesian TV Application

Now you can watch 1700 more Indonesian and worldwide TV channels by online on your PC or laptop for free by downloading the tv application TVexe. The TVexe application is very easy to use and anyone can find their own favorite TV station in the TVexe application.

Indonesian and international TV streaming

Download the Indonesian & World TV Online Streaming Application

Music, news, education, sports & shopping channels sorted in a very easy to find way, along with TV in Indonesian, English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese & Arabic and more than 60 languages.

You can also browse world TV by region or by country name. No additional configuration or settings required.

An intuitive & user friendly display will provide an instant experience in watching on a PC or laptop. All you have to do is app download this, run it, search and click on the TV station you want, then sit back & relax.

TVexe emulates regular television on your PC, using a high speed Internet connection (broadband ONLY!) (XDSL, Cable or LAN) for online global television reception, supports multi-format TV features (Windows Media & Flash) as well as Live online television streaming 24 x7 worldwide.

Without a TV tuner, just an internet connection

The TVexe application emulates regular television on your PC or laptop, using high speed (broadband ONLY!) Internet connection (xDSL, Cable or LAN, WiFi) for global online television reception. TV also includes more than 60 music stations 24 x 7 special featuring songs (video clips) in multiple languages ​​and 1000’s of Radio station.

TVexe TV HD App Features:

  1. Supports multiple multi formats (Windows Media®, Flash®).
  2. Live online streaming of TV stations worldwide, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. [Tidak membutuhkan TV Tuner]
  3. You don’t have to worry about the compatibility of different TV station formats.
  4. Will run live video with fixed screen size.
  5. Will switch formats automatically.
  6. Works with broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide.
  7. Support 1700+ online TV channels international live, 24 hours a day.

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