DoraNobi Fansub Doraemon Indonesia Sub 600 Episodes From 2022

Interview with Team DoraNobi Fansub Doraemon

To fulfill all Mobitachi’s desires, Mimin has succeeded in interviewing this DoraNobi fan sub in the midst of the COVID-19 which is currently rife. Of course online hehehe, stay at home ya mobitachi. Let’s just join in the fun and ups and downs of this DoraNobi Fansub Doraemon team.

Can you tell us the history of the beginning of this Doraemon Fansub?

DNFI was founded in October 2022. At that time I (FPM) wanted to try to make Doraemon subtitles, DNFI’s first release was Doraemon Movie 2022 and Doraemon Birthday Special Episode 455. I uploaded these releases to my personal YouTube account. I was surprised when I saw the number of views on my two videos, and in the comments column I saw many people who wanted me to continue releasing Doraemon again. So at that time I decided to continue releasing the Doraemon series to YouTube and create a DNFI Facebook fanpage. But it doesn’t go smoothly forever. After running for a few months and releasing several Doraemon episodes, my YouTube account was taken down by Youtube becauseā€¦, you know that hehehe.

In the midst of despair and uncertainty at that time, between choosing to continue the fansub or leaving the fansub, I immediately remembered when I saw the comments on my first video release. That’s when I decided to continue my fansub. I immediately announced on the fanspage about switching to the Youtube platform and switching to the website platform. Of course it’s very hard and I can’t accept the fact. But how else, the rice has become porridge, I have to keep going and forget about the past.

The first time moving to a website platform was very quiet. But with the incessant promotion and I’m actively releasing the Doraemon series every week, Alhamdulillah, my fansub is back to being busy again until now. Even if you have to sacrifice time and everything, just for the sake of hobby.

A short story about the history of DNFI.

Then the Purpose and Purpose of the formation of this fansub

Free time filler, practice my Japanese by translating the subtitles & want to share the latest Doraemon series from Japan directly.

Who are the members, can I get to know you?

FPM, Mimiko, PIka, Frinaldi, Megumi, and Windy

What activities or achievements have DoraNobi Fansub done so far?

We have survived for almost 4 years as a non-profit fansub, and will strive to continue and continue to consistently release the latest Doraemon every week, and the latest film every year.

What’s the joy of being a Doraemon fansub?

We love that our releases are in demand by many people, even though this fansub only focuses on Doraemon. It’s sad that many reupload our videos by covering up and even removing the watermark and credits in the released videos just to look for adsense.

Name 3 things you like about Doraemon

1.) The eternal series.
2.) The fans/audience are many.
3.) Doraemon has many gadgets.

If you could have Doraemon’s tools, what would each fansub member ask for?

Me (FPM) I want a PHONE BOOK IF, so we can make the world according to our imagination

From PIka, Cloth of Time, Because so that damaged items can be immediately healthy again, and I can stay young

From Megumi, Anywhere, because you don’t have a car, you’re lazy, if you have a door, you can go anywhere xD

From Windy, Anywhere door, because so you don’t have to be sad about going abroad, you can eat home food anytime

From Frinaldi, Bamboo propellers, because so you can go anywhere without traffic jams

Things that haven’t been accomplished by the fansub team related to Doraemon

buy BD Doraemon directly from Japan, this year our target is to buy BD Doraemon Movie 2022 & Stand by Me Doraemon 2 by raising donations.

Are there any tips for those who want to start a career as a fansuber

If you want to start a fansub, what you have to do is how to get everyone to watch on your fansub, so that your fansub is crowded. It’s just a small business later, the important thing is that your fansub must have a name first. Even though it will take a lot of time and sacrifice a lot of things, keep doing it and enjoying it. Let’s just say that your fansub is a hobby that you enjoy.

Recommend 1 Doraemon movie that must be watched for people who just want to start watching Doraemon now

Personally, I (FPM) recommend Doraemon Movie 2011. Besides the storyline is fun, it feels good too.

Stay connected with DoraNobi

Come on, those who want to have fun with the DoraNobi team can directly check their social media and website below

Facebook: DoraNobi

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