Doraemon 50th Birthday Full of Surprises

September 3 in the dictionary of the Doraemon series is a fairly important date because in the story itself, this is a date which in the year 2112, is the day it was produced. Doraemon. Then, combining it with the real world facts where Doraemon was first serialized in 1970, September 3, 2022 yesterday was a special day because it was Doraemon’s 50th Birthday, which of course meant that various things were announced to celebrate this historic event. What do you think will be part of this celebration? Let’s see one by one.

Doraemon 50th Birthday TV Anime Special

As has been done from previous years, this year the Doraemon 2005 TV series will also get a special episode, as discussed in 4 birthday episodes you must watch. With a longer duration, this special anniversary edition will be playing on September 5, 2022, starting at 4.30pm, half an hour earlier than usual. This segment of the Doraemon 50th Birthday celebration edition itself will also be filled with the appearance of Hoshino Gen as the singer of the latest Doraemon theme song. From the reason why Hoshino-san likes Doraemon, to his favorite episode, everything will be discussed thoroughly.

Doraemon 50th Birthday-01

For this Doraemon 50th Birthday edition itself, there will be 3 animated titles that fill it, different from previous years which are usually in the form of a TV Movie. The first title that will decorate this special edition is “Ultra Mixer”, which is a remake of the story of the same name with the addition of several story elements and even better animation. As for the second animation, the newest animated version of the old story is “Mood Moriage Gakuen” (Mood Enhancer Band). So for those of you who have memories with these two short stories, this will certainly be a delight experience in celebrating Doraemon’s birthday this time.

This short story will be animated for the first time

And touching on the special animation for Doraemon’s 50th Birthday, a short story has been prepared which has never been made into an animated version, although the longer version has been made twice. Can anyone guess? If your answer is “Nobita Kyoryu” (Nobita’s Dinosaur), then ping pong! Absolutely correct! For those who feel that this is the title for the first Doraemon film which was also remake in 2006, then you are not wrong because the film uses this short story as the basis. Moreover, this short story itself is actually the first part of the story in the movie, where there are additions such as dinosaur hunters. As a short story that will be animated for the first time, of course this will be a special birthday episode.

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Feels Like Having Your Own Doraemon

Still regarding Doraemon’s 50th Birthday celebration itself, various features and items have been announced to be part of this celebration. Whether it’s stickers for the LINE application, gifts for Twitter users, to Doraemon-themed merchandise. But among all these items, for me personally which is collectible quite special is Kimi Dake no Tomodachi Doraemon with U (Your Only Friend Doraemon with U), which is a Doraemon figure that has various features in it.

However, if this is just an ordinary figure, it probably won’t be recommended in this article, so the features it has should be something extraordinary right? Yes of course! In this figure besides having 27 facial expression patterns that will be shown by his eyes, this Doraemon figure will have a vocabulary of 1500 words, so it will have a feature where you can talk. Although limited to certain topics, this figure is a representation of what it feels like to have Doraemon which are actually. Not just stopping at the conversation, by doing simple programming using a series of cards that came with this figure, Doraemon will move his body following the commands you give, and you will be able to see him dance. What a collectible which is perfect for Doraemon’s 50th Birthday, isn’t it?

And those are some special things for Doraemon 50th Birthday. For you Doraemon fans, what do you think makes you most excited about this birthday? Come on, write your comments below, and see you in the next article.

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