Don’t Want to Lose, These 5 Indonesian eSports Teams Create a Wild Rift Division!

LOL Squad: Wild Rift from GGWP Esports


LOL Squad: Wild Rift from GGWP Esports

GridGames.ID – League of Legends: Wild Rift, made by Riot Games, is now very attractive to MOBA fans, especially since the game has just been released.

Several eSports teams from Indonesia also didn’t want to lose to show off their skills to take part in their prestigious championships.

Therefore, they immediately moved quickly to form a reliable roster that was ready to fill the title ‘LoL Division: Wild Rift’ under its auspices.

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GridGames currently has a list of several eSports teams that have just formed the Wild Rift division, let’s see who is there?

1. Boom Esports

Boom Esports has also taken part in forming the eSports team for the League of Legends: Wild Rift division.

Open Recruitment has also entered the second batch and is still running guys.

Interestingly, this Recruitment will be free for participants from various countries to participate.

2. Bigetron Esports


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