Don’t want to lose, Ragnarok Online Creates a Battle Royale Game

GridGames.ID – As if it has such a great appeal, the Battle Royale genre game is now counted as a game genre that has many fans.

As we know now, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile are a series of Battle Royale games that are currently in demand.

Not wanting to lose, Ragnarok Online or what we can know as RO will certainly switch to the Battle Royale genre as well.

As we know, the legend game basically carries the MMORPG genre.

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Reporting from the page, an official blog describes the development progress and trailer for the latest Gravity game titled Ragnarok: Battle Academy (ROBA).

Based on the information on the page, this game will have identical gameplay to other battle royale games, where players must attack each other to become the winner.

Players also seem to have to race against time because over time, the playing area will also get smaller, automatically the competition will also be fiercer.

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Although this type of game will carry battle royale, players will also experience gameplay elements like playing a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre game, such as Mobile Legends.

Thus, the battle royale carried by Ragnarok Online will be different from PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, or COD Mobile.

Players can improve their skills when they “level up”, either by killing existing monsters or eliminating other players.

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This battle royale gameplay has actually been present in Ragnarok Online since it went through player versus player (PvP), guild versus guild (GvG), or War of Emperium (WoE) modes.

The difference is, because it carries a battle royale theme, ROBA will accommodate more players.

MOBA elements that accompany the game Ragnarok: Battle Academy

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MOBA elements that accompany the game Ragnarok: Battle Academy

At least there will be as many as 60 players, both individuals and teams, who will fight in one big map called “Training Grounds”.

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Later, these dozens of players can then “plunge” into the battlefield and go to various places (points of interest / POI) they want, in line with other battle royale games.

Some of these POIs will also be filled with various equipment and monsters that can be exterminated to improve character abilities.

Ragnarok: Battle Academy gameplay illustration when killing enemies and other players

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Ragnarok: Battle Academy gameplay illustration when killing enemies and other players

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It is not yet known when the latest RO game will be able to be enjoyed by users in general.

However, ROBA is currently in the process of being refined and a Closed Beta version will be released to a small number of Android and iOS users around the end of 2022.

That is, this game does not seem to be released to users widely this year, maybe it can be played next year.

So, let’s just wait guys!


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