Don’t know AoE, CC, Buff, Burst & Blink in Mobile Legends? This means

GridGames.ID – Those of you who like to play the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang must be familiar with the words AoE, CC, Buff, Burst, and Blink, right?

These words appear under the hero skills that we use when playing Mobile Legends.

The term Mobile Legends skill


The term Mobile Legends skill

Most MOBA gamers must have understood it, but maybe some of you who are new to playing Mobile Legends are confused about what these terms mean.

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Instead of being confused, let’s read the explanation below about the words under the Mobile Legends hero skill.


AoE stands for Areas of Effect which is the effect of the hero’s skill that covers an area and can hit several targets at once.

So, if you see this article under the hero skill you are using, then the skill is a skill in the form of an area.


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