Don’t Just Watch! Let’s Become a ‘Live Stream Gamer’ Tajir on Nimo TV

GridGames.ID – The development of eSports in Indonesia is no longer underestimated, the increasing market in the industry gaming This makes business people and lovers gaming no longer see gaming just for fun.

However, it is something that can be developed and competed not only domestically, but this eSport is ready to be present in the industry games International.

Being a gamer is currently one of the most popular sources of income and is in demand by Millennials.

How about not? Seriousness in the hobby of playing games can be said to be a productive hobby.

Apart from just being a gamer, there are lots of coffers of money that can be achieved, one of which is being a gamer streamer games.

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Data from Newzoo, an institution that focuses on research and information about the game world, said that in 2022, the esports industry is expected to grow to US$1.1 billion or around Rp. 14.1 trillion.

This figure jumped from 2022 which reached US$ 655 million or around Rp. 9.1 trillion. Game fans in Indonesia are 50-60 million people.

The presence of various platform the one that can live stream it gave birth to many game streamer to exist sharing videos with other game lovers.

Not just sharing videos, they can even earn money from the proceeds live stream game the.

Don’t go far, some game streamer successful and many idols, for example, JessNolimit and Oura from EVOS, Lemon from PSG.RRQ, Emperor and Donkey from REVO, and Audrey from FF, who always inspire game lovers.


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