Donkey will give a Rp100 million bonus if AuraFire wins MPL ID S8

GridGames.ID – AURAFIRE is one of the teams highlighted in MPL ID Season 8.

The reason is, their performance in this event is quite stunning and different from previous editions.

In a way, AURAFIRE has risen from the adversity of the past and opened the opportunity to qualify for the MPL ID Season 8 Playoffs.

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The brilliant performance of AURAFIRE also attracted the attention of one of the CEOs of the Ax Gang (GPX), Donkey.

He promised to give bonus money to AURAFIRE if they succeeded in winning MPL ID Season 8.

This was conveyed in a live streaming session on his personal Nimo TV channel, Donkey Bar Bar.

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Unmitigated, the money that is prepared to become an AuraFire bonus is Rp. 100 million.

“Note it now, AURA won a bonus of Rp. 100 million from Donkey,” he said, quoted from Instagram @emak_moba.


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