Donkey says Evos Rekt will retire if he isn’t motivated. How about the story?

Donkey said he would retire if Evos Lect was discouraged. What’s the story?

Evos Legends megastar Gustian Rekt is rumored to be retiring from the Indonesian Mobile Legends pro scene.

This was first spoken directly by former Evos Legends colleague Donkey in 63 minutes through livestreaming on Nimo TV.

This information was obtained by Donkey a long time ago while playing with GH Evos with Oura.

evos rekt donkey retires
Photos taken on Nimo TV

“I’ll tell you, Gustian (Rekt)’s passion has begun to disappear. Here’s a leak. He’s just waiting for the M2 guys. If he’s not willing to meet M2 , M2 said he wanted to quit. He said he seemed to have no desire when he saw Mobile Legends. Donkey said.

But not long ago, Donkey added, “He (Rekt) is looking for his passion, so when he saw M2, he said he had no desire to stop yet.” Close the donkey.

Donkey himself was previously known for being close to Evos Legends players, including Rekt himself.

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Donkey was a former Boss Legend player, so he won the 2022 M1 trophy with Lect and others at that time.

evos rekt donkey retires

Rekt himself has been in the Mobile Legends pro scene for a long time and is included in Donkey’s list of veteran players.

But he decided to continue when Donkey decided to retire, and the latest news is that Rekt will leave the MLBB pro scene following Donkey.

It’s interesting to wait for Rekt’s next career journey at Evos, the Spinners, Donkey said, is true. Will Rekt retire in the near future?

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