Donkey Says Age in Esports Is Very Important

In scene In esports, there are many different types of players with different ages. According to Donkey himself, age is very influential in scene competitive esports At the moment.

Now, there are already a lot of players esports good one. The players come from different ages, from very young to quite old.


With so many new players, of course, there are also more choices of players who can defend the Indonesian team. However, does age actually have a big influence on scene competitive esports?

According to Donkey, Age Affects Esports Competitiveness

Through live streaming by Donkey, Dean KT, and streamer others, he said that age is very influential in scene esports. The older the age, of course the more experience the player has.

However, he also revealed that younger players also have many advantages because they are more able and faster to develop following developments esports which is now more widespread.

If I talk player, age is very influential, the younger ones develop faster. I’m not lying. The age, let alone the empty one, has never been pro playersaid Donkey.


However, that does not mean that young players are not good. It can be seen from Alberttt to Ferxiic who is currently the star player of the RRQ team and also ONIC Esports.

The development of the players every day is growing. Lots of players who present skills new ones that amaze fans.

Although according to him the new players are more fresh, does not mean the old players were not good. They just seem stuck alias skill-which will not change.

In fact, players like Watt, Wannn, Gustian (Rekt) have already stuck, you know, but they’re already good at it,” added Donkey.

Donkey’s statement seems to be in line with the government’s wish to include esports into the school curriculum. By understanding this industry early on, the opportunity to develop into pro player even bigger.

Well, in your own opinion, does age really affect a person’s career in Indonesia? scene competitive esports or just numbers? Let me know your answer in the comments column, OK!

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