Donkey and Vyn accounts have been banned. Are you using VPN Mobile Legends (ML)?

Donkey and Vyn accounts have been banned. Are you using VPN Mobile Legends (ML)? The Mobile Legends community has been busy with the King of Fighters event for the last few days.

The Mobile Legends community is busy using virtual private networks (VPNs) that can reach Brazil and Argentina, allowing mobile Legends players to earn KOF tokens.

KOF skin
Photo courtesy of Mobile Legends

Later, KOF tokens can be exchanged at the KOF Bingo event. A variety of prizes are available, from ordinary to epic. In addition, you will have the opportunity to get KOF skins for free.

But recently, the mobile legends community has been shocked by banned accounts. It’s not permanently banned, it’s a very short time of an hour, but many are afraid.

Even two mobile legend players who are already familiar with our ears Donkey Former EVOS player Vinh Captain Rex Legum Quon (RRQ) was also banned.

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Donkey Vyn VPN ML

Many attribute the donkey and Vin ban to the use of VPNs for ML’s KOF events. However, since this information is still hearsay, many are wondering why it was banned.

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There is also information that many players were banned due to an error from Moonton and could actually lift the ban.

Why are so many Mobile Legends accounts banned for an hour, according to Spinner? Is it really because you are using VPNML?

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