Donkey 3 Player Prediction Will Evos Legends Bring?

Predictions of this donkey 3 player that Evos Legends might bring?

As previously announced, Evos Legends experienced the worst season with MPL, yesterday’s MPL ID Season 6.

Those who rely on winning MPL Season 6 should instead finish in 6th place in the regular season and return home first from the playoffs.

Of course, this is very disappointing for fans who think this season’s Evos is the same as last season 3. At that time, their performance was very disappointing.

Of course, in this regard, Evos Camp has made major changes to the team, including player participation and player role changes, to improve performance at the next Mobile Legends tournament.

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It turns out that Evos Rekt has experienced three pause issues with MPL. This was very harmful to his team at the time. The second match of the first day of the third week of MPL ID Season 6

There are reportedly several players who have been reportedly approached by Evos Legends, one of whom is Antimage.

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But it’s not just Antimage, but more Rumored Approached by Evos Legends.

In this regard, former Evos Legends player Donkey also made predictions about the three players that Evos Legends could pull into the main roster.

In a live streaming video on Nimo TV, Donkey said, “Evos, Xorn and Luminaire, I don’t have the courage to talk anymore.” Most of the time, you’ll feel Xorn, Luminaire, and Kido. The donkey said briefly.

Xorn and Kido themselves have long been rumored to be joining Evos Legends since MPL Season 5.

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With just the lamp guess so Given that he wasn’t officially announced to leave Evos Legends as he decided to take a break from the pro scene, it’s certainly still part of Evos Legends.

So what will Evos Legends bring to strengthen the team next season? Interestingly, we’re waiting for the future, yeah, spinners!

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