Do you like LoL Wild Rift Ngelag? This may be the reason!

Do you like LoL Wild Rift Ngelag? This may be the reason!

The open beta version of League of Legends Wildlift was released yesterday October 28th in several Asian countries.

Since its release, the game has been downloaded over 5 million times on Android and will be the number one game on iOS in 2022.

While LoL Wild Rift has responded positively when it comes to gameplay, many Indonesian players complain that they often receive very bad pings in the middle of a match.

In this article, SPIN Esports explains why LoL Wild Rift’s connectivity is weak and what solutions can be taken.

Play on Japanese and Korean servers

When looking for a match in LoL Wild Rift, you can’t choose which server to play on.

Whether it is a server in Korean, Japanese, or Southeast Asia.

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So if you are playing and your teammates have a Japanese or Korean name, you may play on a KRJP (Korean / Japanese) server, resulting in very high pings and The game is choppy.


One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to play as a team with friends from the same country.

This allows LoL Wild Rift to find the closest server and maximize the connection.

Full server

LoL Wildlift has not yet been released globally, so multiple players may play on the same server.

Also, when the Wild Rift server is full, players will have worse connections and more lag than usual.


Look for the right time when LoL Wild RIft isn’t widely played at the time.

Judging from the experience of many players, they say that the LoL Wild Rift server feels smoother at noon and midnight.

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The game is still in beta

There is no denying that LoL Wildlift is still in the open beta stage. So if you have a bug or communication problem, that’s not surprising.

Riot Games itself had to delay the release schedule for the open beta of LoL Wild Rift by a few hours due to server issues.

Therefore, if you encounter connectivity issues during playback, it could be due to server inconsistencies.


You can report this issue to the LoL Wildlift Support Team through your social media account.

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