Do you know the characters and which one is the best?

In the game PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) your character always lands at one point on the map. First of all, of course, we explore the nearby buildings for weapons or equipment as quickly as possible.

now‘This is the most vulnerable moment because when we land Job In general, of course, you have to be prepared for a lot of enemies and one of the most reasonable defenses when you don’t have one Play guns is a weapon to use (pistol).

There are five weapons in the game and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

While we don’t recommend that you use this type of weapon at the end of the game, this type of weapon is very helpful for us to kill an enemy or two while they are busy searching equipment or weapons.

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Some have guns damage big but has Reload time which is quite long while there is also a capacity magazine more but not too painful damage-his.

We’ve put together a guide below that you can use as a reference to help you choose and understand better pistol Which PUBGM suits your style of play!

5. P92

P92 is a PUBGM pistol that is quite simple and often with a. is used ammunition 9mm which gives it flexibility to aim at the target. Not too “terrible”, but enough to drop one or two opponents at the beginning of the game.

4. P1911

Source: YouTube

For you game fans Sagittarius, certainly no stranger to this weapon that looks like a legendary weapon in the game counterBeat, namely the desert eagle. Yes indeed! This is, in fact, the latest version of the weapon that is usually shortened to hand out This.

a Magazine gun PUBGM can hold up to 7 bullets. The P1911 is very easy to find and uses .45 ACP ammunition.

3. R45

Source: zilliongamer

Same with P1911, pistol PUBGM wears ammunition .45 ACP with magazine which contains 6 balls and damage it produces more than P1911 over time reload about 3 seconds. However, if we talk about it Rate of fire, of course, the R45 is still inferior to the P1911.

2. R1895

R1895 is pistol PUBGM has that damage the biggest on this list. This weapon is equipped magazine which can hold up to 7 balls with ammunition 7.62 mm. However, behind a major attack, this weapon has one weakness that is time reload which is long enough to reach 5 seconds.

If you manage to get this weapon and see an enemy without using them helmet, it is certain that the player will immediately beat a shot with the R1895.

1. P18C

Source: YouTube

This weapon can be called a favorite because it has a very large number of bullets that 17 are used ammunition 9mm. Unlike other weapons that only single shot, P18C has the advantage of doing spray moment Burn.

This handgun works very well as a replacement though Play guns Yours is not ready for use.

Yours is not ready for use.

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