Do These 5 Things, Guaranteed Auto Chicken Dinner on PUBG Mobile

GridGames.ID – Gamers must be familiar with the game developed by Tencent, namely PUBG Mobile.

Games with mechanics battle royale It has been a great success in the gaming world market.

The public’s interest in competitive games makes this game very liked by various groups.

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This time GridGames will provide tips and tricks so that you can easily achieve chicken dinner in this PUBG Mobile game.

Kuy, just take a look at the 5 things that you must understand for auto chicken dinner!

1. Pay attention to the location of the descent or fall

blue zone on PUBG Labs

blue zone on PUBG Labs

The location of dropping or plunging is an important thing in playing battle royale, the election fell in a quiet place but a lot loot obtained is the best choice.

Reduce down in the middle of the map and try to play from the end of the map to make it easier to do positioning.

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