Do not panic! 5 Ways to Overcome Checkout Failed Problems at Shopee Worked 100%

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JSMedia – I’ve been picking things up on Shopee, but suddenly I can’t checkout? It must be annoying and lazy to continue shopping transactions.

In fact, to solve this problem is very easy and does not take long. You just have to choose another item, checkout, fill in the shipping address, specify the courier, then pay. However, the ease of this shopping process becomes annoying because of that one obstacle, which is failure checkout.

What exactly is the cause and how? how to overcome can’t checkout on Shopee?

Overcome the Failed Item Checkout Problem at Shopee With These 5 Ways

Before looking for ways to solve it, first know the factors that cause the process to fail checkout on your Shopee. Because each cause has a different solution. Here are some reasons why the process checkout Shopee you have a problem.

1. Shopee Terms Violation

1. Shopee Terms Violation

Every marketplace generally have provisions that every user must follow. If you can’t continue the process checkout in Shopee, it could be because there are provisions that are violated. Please re-check the terms of marketplace this.

For example, the text “checkout failed (f01)” appears during processing checkout fail. So what you have to do is, re-read the terms f01 contained in Shopee.

2. Shopee Account Restricted

2. Shopee Account Restricted

The second cause can’t checkout goods on Shopee is because the account is being restricted. So that some of the features cannot be used, for example, they cannot process purchases or sales of goods on Shopee.

If the account is limited, the solution you can do is to appeal to Shopee. They will follow up on this account restriction issue so you can continue shopping activities as usual.

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3. Shopee Server Error

3. Shopee Server Error

Not because of a violation, nor because of account restrictions. Failed constraints checkout this could be due to a problem beyond the user’s control, namely the Shopee server that was in error.

Class server marketplace big can also experience down for certain conditions. For example, there is a big discount so the process queue checkout exploded, then caused the server down.

Naturally marketplace as big as Shopee has a qualified IT team. So, you don’t have to worry. Just wait until the server is back to normal.

4. Shipping Method Not Support

4. Shipping Method Not Support

Failed constraints checkout It could also be due to a mismatch of shipping services. For example, you combine purchases of goods in bulk. Plus, you buy stuff from different shops.

We recommend that you separate the items so that the invoice for the order is different. Thus, the process checkout Your target product will run smoothly.

5. Shopee application is never updated

5. Shopee application is never updated

If some of the possibilities above don’t seem to be happening, but you can’t do it yet checkout, it could be because the Shopee application that you are using has not been updated for too long.

In order to be able to use the new features from Shopee, update the application to the latest version. But before updating Shopee, log out of your Shopee account first. After logging out, open the Play Store on your cellphone. Then look for the Shopee application and select Update.

When the installation process is complete, login back your account in the latest Shopee application. Choose the item again and try checkout Return the product you want.

That was 5 ways to overcome can’t checkout on Shopee. If the problem is still there, it should be communicated to Shopee Customer Service to find out the exact cause and how to solve it.

You can contact them via the Help Center menu option. Shopee provides 24-hour service so it will be very helpful when you are in an urgent situation and need to checkout quick. That way, you can shop again at marketplace most hits in this country.

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