Discuss Auto Chess Items in depth

Hello, you fans of Auto Battler Android. This time Mobileague will give in-depth tips about the items in the original Drodo Studio version of the Auto Chess game. For those of you who have just played or have played often but still forget, let’s take a peek at what the Auto Chess item is. For those who haven’t downloaded it, first download it here, then we’ll continue.

Item Type

There are two types of items in Auto Chess, namely basic items and combination items. You have to know the function of the types of items in the game. Because it is very important for you to install items that are suitable for certain heroes. You can see the information on the use of each item in the game directly, but for you newbies, the admin will give tips about the items here. In the Mimin game, the items are categorized into three categories, magic-producing items, tank items and carry items.

Magic Items

The category of Magic Items is divided into two, mana generating items and items that add magic power. In general, this item category is certainly very effective for heroes who have Mage class. However, for which producing items will also be very effective to use heroes who have AEO and Crowd Control skills. Examples of heroes that are suitable for using mana-enhancing items other than mage class, is Pirate Captain, Storm Shaman, Shadow Devil, Helicopter, Devasator Tsunami Stalker and Siren.

Discuss Auto Chess Items in depth
Discuss Auto Chess Items in depth

Tank Items

Tank item category, this item category also has two types, namely HP enhancers and Armor enhancers. Items like this are perfect for heroes who have class Warriors, Knights or Mech. Because usually class it is made tank and was in the front row. There are certain heroes that are usually suitable for using tank items other than classes above such as, Warpwood Sage, Razorclaw, and Tsunami Stalker.

Discuss Auto Chess Items in depth

Carry items

The carry item category is usually an item that has the effect of increasing damage and add attack speed. This carry item is naturally suitable for you hero users assassin and hunter. In addition, carry items will be suitable for the following heroes: Lightblade knight, Dragon knight, Doom Arbiter, Berserker, Fallen Witcher and Flaming Wizard. For the item to increase attack speed, you have to pay attention to the item whose name is Frantic mask, because the item makes your hero unable to issue skills.

Discuss Auto Chess Items in depth
Discuss Auto Chess Items in depth

What is the mimin explanation about the items in Auto Chess? Hopefully you can use it to push rank, newbies. If you have anything to ask, please leave a comment below. And wait for the next mimin article.

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