Disassembling and Changing the Realme C15/C12/C11 Battery

Previously Elppas had discussed this Realme C15, now let’s see a little of the innards by opening the back casing. We’ll take a look at the build, battery specifications, and a tutorial on how to change the battery.

The Realme C15/C12 battery has a super large capacity of 6000mAh, while the C11 is 5000mAh, with an infinite lifespan for the next 2-3 years. However, at some point in time, the battery will definitely run out of service with signs of waste, run out quickly, drop or even bloat. And that’s when the battery needs to be replaced.

In this post, we will disassemble the Realme C15, but for the C11 and C12 series, the technique is the same.

Before disassembling, you will need the following tools, tools kit and screwdriver:

  • SIM card tray ejector
  • The opening pick is like a guitar pick or a prying tool
  • Phillips #00 screwdriver or plus size 2.0mm
  • Spudger

If you don’t have one, you can buy a screwdriver and tools kit at tokopedia.com/elppastore or bukalapak.com/elppastore.

If it’s ready, let’s just disassemble it exclusively..

Step 1: Opening the Back Case of Realme C15

As usual before disassembling, make sure the cellphone is turned off (power off) and also let alone remove the SIM card tray first with the eject tool provided in the sales package..

The rear casing of the Realme C15 is made of polycarbonate plastic similar to the Realme 3 so that we can directly pry at the edges between the LCD assembly and the back casing as in the photo below.

Use the opening pick/prying tool, because if you use nails it’s a bit hard..

Slide all the corners so that the hooks come off and we can open the back case..

After that the rear casing (backcover) can be separated and the battery is ready to be opened.

If you want to open and change the battery, please continue to the next tutorial.

Original Realme C15 Battery Specifications

Before disassembling to replace the battery, let’s first look at the specifications of the original Realme C15 battery. Make sure if you want to change the battery, you don’t buy the wrong battery.

Here are the specifications for the original Realme C15 battery:

  • Type: Li-ion Polymer Battery
  • Model: BLP793
  • Limited Charge Voltage: 4.45Vdc
  • Rated Capacity: 5860mAh/22.67Wh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.87Vdc
  • Typical Capacity: 6000mAh/23.22Wh

Where to buy the original Realme C15 battery? I don’t know myself. Maybe you can try asking the Oppo Service Center or the Realme Service Center.

In addition, there may be many who sell in marketplaces such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Shopee, etc., but keep in mind that batteries sold in the marketplace or regular spare parts stores are generally fake, OEM or KW batteries, so you need to be careful because KW goods I like that there are grades. Make sure you shop for good quality so that it is not wasteful or runs out quickly because the capacity is not suitable.

I personally prefer OEM brands such as Hippo, Vizz, Rakkipanda, Idol, and the like.

Next, we go to the tutorial to change the battery..

Step 2: Replacing Realme C15 Battery

Continuing Step 1, the back casing is open, but the battery connector cannot be removed because it is covered by the mid-frame or plastic that protects the mainboard.

Remove the 11 screws that secure it using a 2.0mm plus size screwdriver.

Attention: There is a screw that is protected by the Realme seal sticker, breaking the seal means voiding the warranty. But to replace the battery is generally over 1 year, so it doesn’t matter.

Lift mid-frame from the bottom to the top, there is tape on the top that glues to the body.

After the protective plastic is opened, we can remove the battery connector. Use a spudger to remove the battery connector..

After the battery connector is removed, as usual to remove the Realme cell phone battery, there it is pull tab green color that can be pulled up to lift the battery. But don’t forget Peel off the white plastic first which protects the battery..

Pull pull tab green slowly and carefully..

Once the battery is open, please replace with a new battery. Don’t forget to test the flame first to decide if the replacement battery is functioning normally. After that, please reinstall everything as before.

For more details, see the video below:

That’s the tutorial on how to open the back case and change the Realme C15 battery. Use this guide wisely and we are not responsible for any problems with your phone. Do it at your own risk. May be useful!

Pics source: Akmal Riadi channel.

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