Dino Squad, Multiplayer Shooter Mobile Game is Finally Officially Released

Dino Squad, Dinosaur-themed shooter game

Dino Squad, Dinosaur-themed shooter game

GridGames.ID – Looks like Dinosaurs with guns is a very good premise to play in game form.

The latest game to realize this idea is Dino Squad, the game shooter with 6v6 multiplayer from War Robots developer Pixonic.

When you start the game, you will have 17 dinosaurs to choose from.

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Each dinosaur has a different fighting style to explosive weapons.

From velociraptors to the mighty T-Rex, to the Cretaceous kings and queens at your disposal.

This strategy game is perfect for dinosaur lovers.

Even the smallest dinosaurs can take part against the big ones.

There are many weapons that can be used such as, rockets, railguns, bombs, and many more.

You can even play some unique maps, each of which offers different views and levels of difficulty.

Like there are lava pits and long rivers that you can find on the map in this game.

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