Dilan 1990 Game Review: So Milea Makes Nervous

Dilan 1990 Game Review: So Milea Makes Nervous
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Who doesn’t know Dylan? Popular films based on the best-selling novel by Pidi Baiq are currently popular in foreign countries. Derived from the original title Dilan: Dia Is My Dilan, 1990 which was released in 2014 now together with CIAYO Comic and Agate the game has been launched in Visual Novel form! Curious about the review? let’s see

Dilan 1990 Game Review: So Milea Makes Nervous
dilan and milea players

Dilan Movie-style Live Soundtrack

Start with Scene Big Milea who recounted her high school days, the first thing that surprised me was Soundtrack in the movie Dilan who was included in the game as background sound. So from the start playing vibe Dylan is very tasteful. Whereas at first I thought this Visual Novel would feel like another simple Visual Novel adaptation. It is very clear that Pidi Baiq’s intention to cooperate in working on this game has succeeded in creating a pleasant atmosphere Very Dylan!

Become Milea with Your Own Style

In the game, we will be placed as Milea, a 17-year-old student who comes from Jakarta but has to move to Bandung because of her parents’ job. Uniquely, Milea can change clothes according to your style. Although there are not many choices, but this makes vibe Milea placed on you is getting more and more.

Dilan 1990 Game Review: So Milea Makes Nervous
Milea in game

Cool Artwork and Illustrations with a More Mature Style

It’s not enough to admire the beauty of her character, much fan service which is enough to spoil the player. With a mature image style, it makes Visual Novels feel more real. In fact, there are also many parts or details that are not in the film.

Dilan’s dialogue that makes you nervous

Dilan 1990 Game Review: So Milea Makes Nervous
one of the dialogues

We all know the characteristic of Dilan who likes to say witty words that make us blush to imagine if Dilan’s figure is our partner. This visual novel by CIAYO Comic and Agate is no exception.

From the start to the artwork, dialogue and storyline, we really need to give thumbs up, however, there are things that need to be considered for the sake of the perfection of the game that this game lacks.

No Voiced Narrative

The absence of dialogue with sound is certainly not a problem for readers, but it will be an obstacle for users with visual impairments to read the whole story without the help of narration. So, overall this game is not yet accessible enough for all users. Even though the sound of dialogue/dubbing can add to the impression for players too, you know, so that the characters in the game are more pronounced.

Cannot Refund Decision/Choice

The long storyline is divided into 5 chapters, but if the wrong click/missclick will affect the points (until now we don’t know the function of the points) and the decisions taken cannot be changed except for restarting the chapter. so if you want to open all the existing dialogues, you have to repeat the entire chapter.

The following is a review of the Dilan game by CIAYO Comic and Agate that you can download on the Playstore. also available continuation Dilan 1991. Good luck!

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