Different from other countries, playing games in China must use real names

GridGames.ID – When creating a character in the game, most gamers must hide their true identity.

Many also say that spitting out genuine information in games can be dangerous.

But what happened in China was just the opposite, guys.

Gamers in the Bamboo Curtain Country can’t make nicknames or names in the game anymore.

Launching from KompasTekno, gamers are required to register with the government’s system before playing an online game.

The real name registered in the government system will be matched with the player’s identity in the game.

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This was conveyed directly by Feng Shixin, as the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

The policy is thought to be an attempt by the Chinese government to limit the amount of time children and teens spend playing online games.

Furthermore, Feng Shixin explained that the system will start running in September.

The two largest game companies in China, Tencent and NetEase, are known to have implemented this authentication system, but the system they are using does not involve the government.

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