Diamonds FF 100% Free! Download Lulubox Latest Anti Banned

list of contents – Every Free Fire player will certainly want to be offered a free FF diamond. Therefore, you must try and Download the latest Lulubox anti-banned the following. Because this application will be able to give you unlimited diamond FF for free. So you don’t need to top up diamonds using real money anymore.

Diamond itself is arguably the most valuable item in the free fire game. Because with diamonds we can buy various other items at the FF shop. In addition, later it can also be used for gacha if there are interesting events from Garena. So surely you want to have a lot of diamonds, right? Please see the following discussion.

What is Lulubox?

For those of you who have been playing games for a long time, you may have heard the name Lulubox. You could say, this application is a tool to break into the system of a game, for example like Free Fire. By using this application, we can open all the skins that are in Free Fire and can be used for free.

In addition, of course this latest Lulubox can be used to get FF diamonds for free. So we have a lot of stock diamonds without having to topup first. Later, if there is a new skin event from Garena, we can directly gacha without spending any money. So that you too can become Free Fire sultans and have lots of skins and diamonds.

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Download Lulubox FF Latest APK

Download Lulubox APK Diamond FF Free

Actually Lulubox itself is not a new application. It’s been there since 2 years ago. And indeed it has often become a mainstay of gamers to cheat popular games. It is proven that several popular online games have broken using Lulubox. Many have gotten free skins and diamonds using lulubox.

Indeed, some time ago, this lulubox no longer works because it was fixed by Garena. But you don’t need to worry, because this time Jakarta Studio will share the latest version of Lulubox which is certainly more powerful. You can reuse it to unlock all FF skins for free and get lots of diamonds.

How, feel interested to try it? If so, you can immediately Download Lulubox APK latest. Later you can install these tools on your smartphone to hack diamonds and skins in various games. Cool right?

How to Use Lulubox FF Diamond Free

For those who have never used Lulubox, you must be confused about how to use it. It’s really easy, you just have to follow the tutorial that Jakarta Studio has summarized below:

1. Download Lulubox APK from the link above.
2. Install it on your respective smartphones.
3. After that, open the application that has been installed.
4. If you have, tap on the Lulubox icon.
5. Select the Download option to unlock all skins.
6. After that tap the Fashin Skin/Gun Skin option.
7. After that, select Open.
8. Then your FF game will open immediately.
9. Please play and enjoy all skins for free.


That’s the discussion about how to download the latest version of Lulubox. So far, this application has been proven to be able to unlock many skins for online games, including free fire. So for those of you who don’t have money to top up and buy skins, you really have to try this one tool. Because he can make you feel what it’s like to use expensive skins.

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