Dewa Fan Online Chess Champion Loses Against Professional Chess Athlete!

GM Irene (left) and Dadang Subur alias Dewa Fan (right)

GM Irene (left) and Dadang Subur alias Dewa Fan (right)

GridGames.ID – Online chess champion on the platform, Dadang Subur lost a match against a professional chess athlete, Irene Sukandar.

The holding of this match began with the viral name of the Dewa Fan account owner after he managed to win a match against another online chess champion, GothamChess.

Meanwhile, the match, entitled a friendly match, was broadcast live via Deddy Corbuzier’s official YouTube channel.

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Irene, who is a professional chess athlete with the title of Grand Master, managed to beat this Dewa Fan account owner directly in 3 rounds.

Dadang Subur’s defeat was due to the blunders he made several times.

In fact, in those 3 rounds, Dadang was forced to give up on Irene because he was dead.

According to several chess experts who were also at the location, Dadang Subur’s blunder was caused by one important thing.

What is meant by important things?


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