Determine Milea and Dilan’s love story, Play Dilan’s Game Now

Dilan Game Presents the result of collaboration between Agate, CIAYO and Pidi Baiq

Missing Dilan has been answered, because #NowDilanAdaGame. Agate brings Dilan closer to his lovers through the DILAN GAME which can be accessed on the platform application CIAYO Stories. The DILAN GAME is a game based on the popular Indonesian novel series, Dilan: He is my 1990’s Dilan and Dilan: He is my 1991 Dilan, by Pidi Baiq. His first novel series was later made into a film, Dylan 1990, and managed to reach more than 6.3 million viewers throughout 2022, and continued, Dilan 1991, which was released on May 24, 2022.

The DILAN GAME is a collaboration game between Agate, CIAYO Games, and Pidi Baiq. The DILAN GAME is the only official Dilan game in Indonesia. This game development collaboration includes the development of engine, as well as content, both storyline and art.

Dylan Games
Dylan Games

The DILAN GAME is a combination of Dilan 1990 and Dilan 1991. There are 5 episodes of Dilan 1990 and 10 episodes of Dilan 1991 which will be released on May 24 to coincide on DILAN DAY.

You will be Milea in this game

In the DILAN GAME, players will take on the role of Milea who determines the overall storyline in the game. Players can enjoy Dilan and Milea’s various stories with various backgrounds with captivating visuals. With visual novel game mechanics, players make their own choices and follow the storyline based on those choices.

game dilan
game dilan

Not only that, in the DILAN GAME there are features dress up to change and customize Milea’s character clothes according to their respective versions. Another special feature is the special collectible illustration feature. This special illustration can be obtained by players if they reach certain scenes, then make choices that can lead to the addition of large affection points from Dilan. After earning affection points, special illustrations will be automatically added to the player’s album. The DILAN GAME also has background music typical of the film seriesDylan which can bring us to enjoy this game more.

The DILAN GAME can be downloaded on Google Play via the link

#SatusatuGameDilan is an Agate collaboration that must be tried. However, be careful later you can #BeBaper. So, are you sure you don’t want to try it?

About Agate

Agate, under PT Agate International, is a game development company and studio founded in 2009 and based in Bandung. PT Agate International has two main businesses, namely game development under Agate and game development gamification and learning solutions under Agate Level Up, as well as a subsidiary engaged in digital advertising, Seruni. Over the course of nine years, Agate has owned more than 170 crew, 250 game titles that reach 5 million players worldwide, as well as more than 20 awards, both from home and abroad. This rapid development has established Agate as one of the most stable and leading local game companies in Indonesia. With the motto “Live the Fun Way”, Agate believes that life will be better when happiness is present there. And the game, is one of the means to achieve that excitement. Complete and up-to-date information about Agate can be found at

Dylan Games

About CIAYO Games

CIAYO Games is a video game developer that is part of CIAYO Corp, the parent company that also oversees the CIAYO Comics comic platform and the online media CIAYO Blog. CIAYO Games has now released the mobile game CHIPS: Monster Tap, and is developing the mobile game CHIPS: Heroes Uprising, as well as several other games, both mobile games and board games. CIAYO Games also provides IP management services and client services for other companies, as well as cooperation with other game studios and other cross-industry entities. Information regarding CIAYO Games can be accessed at

About Pidi Baiq

Pidi Baiq is a multitalented artist who was born in Bandung, West Java, July 8, 1972. He is a novelist and book writer, illustrator lecturer, comic artist, musician, and songwriter. His name became known through the band The Panas Dalam which was founded in 1995. Pidi Baiq is increasingly recognized by lovers of literary works, especially the humor genre through his work entitled, “Dilan: He was Dilanku in 1990” published in 2014, “Dilan part Two: Dia is Dilanku in 1991” published in 2022 and “Milea : Suara from Dilan” published in 2022

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