Despite Taking Action, Racism Is Still Found in FIFA Games

GridGames.ID – A journalist and editor of the game news portal Eurogamer, discovered an act of racism in the football game FIFA.

This act of racism certainly tarnishes the name of EA as a FIFA game development company.

Moreover, EA is known to be promoting anti-racism actions for all FIFA gamers.

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Previously, this game developer from the United States had just blocked and punished one of the FIFA gamers for acts of racism.

This FIFA gamer is known to insult one of the Arsenal legends, Ian Wright because his name is included in the FIFA Ultimate Team of The Year.

The perpetrator threw various kinds of racist insults at the English-born Arsenal player.

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But apparently, racism is still found in FIFA games even though EA has taken various kinds of decisive actions.

Then, what forms of racism are still found in FIFA games?


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