Despite Bad Rating, Morbius Still Masters Domestic Box Office!

Film Super hero made by Sony who are incorporated into the Sony Spider-Man Universe aka SSU, namely Morbiusrecently managed to record a brilliant achievement by mastering Domestic Box Office in its premiere week.

Despite being rated badly by critics and netizens who have watched, Morbius still appear fierce at the box office and managed to earn 39.1 million US dollars or around Rp. 561.8 billion on the weekend box office North America was reported by Exhibitor Relations on Sunday (3/4) local time.


Even though it managed to dominate box office in the first week of its release, the income of this film is in fact still far compared to Venom in 2022 ago which was also released by Sony. The film was recorded as successful in getting 80 million US dollars (Rp1.14 trillion) with a record before the current pandemic.

This achievement is still considered very weak as a film standard Super hero Marvel. “This is a weak opening by Marvel’s extraordinary standards for launching a series Super hero new,” said Franchise Entertainment Research, quoted by AFP on Monday (4/4).

Even so, still the presence of the film Morbius in this first week has successfully shifted The Lost City who previously ruled box office America. While in rank three there are still The Batman which entered its fifth week but still managed to earn US$10.8 million (Rp155 billion).

Despite this fairly successful achievement, Morbius itself is considered a film Super hero which is pretty bad from both critics and fans. Even a number of early review from several critics last week many stated that the film was not worth watching and just easter eggsonly that is interesting.

Even on Rotten Tomatoes itself, Morbius gets a pretty sad rating of 17% and a status of “rotten” or “rotten”. This also sets a record that Morbius is the third SSU film to record this rotten status.

Before this film starring Jared Leto, there were two other SSU films, namely Venom (2022) with 30% and Venom 2 (2022) who get 58%. This certainly makes Sony’s credibility in making films Super hero started to be questioned by fans.

What do you think? Are you curious about this film? If still interested, Morbius already aired and you can enjoy in all Indonesian cinemas today.

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