Dead by Daylight Get Shared Content with Silent Hill!

silent Hill still alive! Maybe Konami would like to express that with this content of collaboration. Konami and Behavior Interactive just announced it Games Horror Dead by daylight will soon receive a new DLC with thematic content silent Hill. This DLC is also a birthday commemoration Dead by daylight the fourth.

silent Hill Will 16th chapter from Dead by daylight, and has three main contents. The first is the new killer character, viz The executioner or better known as the pyramid head of Silent Hill 2. Second is the new survivor character Cheryl Mason Who is the main character Silent Hill 3. Third is Folder New, Midwich Elementary School taken by silent Hill First.

If you’ve never played before Dead by daylight and don’t understand the terms above, basically Chapter is the name for the DLC package in Games these, mostly based on films or Games Another popular horror. Several previously released chapters contain DLC bundles Strange things, A nightmare on Elm Street, Ash vs Evil Dead, and much more.

Dead by daylight itself is a Games Horror Multiplayer asymmetrical, meaning Games This is played by a team that has an unbalanced composition. A team consisting of 4 survivors must try to survive, while the opposing team consisting of 1 killer must try to kill the survivors. Interestingly, the Survivor team plays with a point of view third personwhile killer is in the spotlight first personso feeling The game will be very different.

Draft Style of play unique and the support of various contents by the developer is successful Dead by daylight great success. Allegedly in 2022 Games it has sold over 5 million copies, and with additional content silent Hill you can guess that Dead by daylight is becoming even more popular. Dead by Daylight – Silent Hill Chapter planned release in June 2022.

For fans silent Hill, This collaboration is a sign that Konami is still holding on to things franchise The horror lives on. Some time ago, Konami denied the manufacturing rumors silent Hill new, but they are still open to the possibility of resuscitation franchise This again. Who knows when Dead by Daylight – Silent Hill Chapter pretty popular, Konami could be moved to create a new sequel silent Hill.

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