Days of Play will be Back, Present Game Discounts and More!

GridGames.ID – Entering the middle of 2022, there is good news for PlayStation players around the world.

The reason, Sony is certain to return to hold a special event titled Days of Play 2022.

Days of Play is an event that presents various discounts on PlayStation games.

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However, different from the previous edition, Days of Play 2022 does not only present discounts on PlayStation games.

There are several other interesting things that PlayStation players can enjoy in the Days of Play 2022 event.

First, there is Player Celebration. In Player Celebration players are required to complete tasks from each game played every week.

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Whether it’s a PS4 or PS5 game, there will be several targets to achieve.

For players who succeed in reaching the target, will get prizes in the form of avatars, themes, and exclusive trophies.


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