Dapodik Applications And How To Install Dapodik Applications

Dapodik Application 2022 And How To Install Dapodik Application 2022

Downloading the Dapodik application and how to install the Dapodik application is now not a difficult and confusing matter. Because there are many sites that share links and also share how to install this educational data-based application. If you want to download and find out how to install this application, please read and learn more about this article.

As we all know, recently the government through the relevant Ministries has updated the latest version of the Dapodikdasmen application. This application has functions and uses for you to use as a data update. Of course, this application will also be used for updating semester data in the following school year. In this latest Dapodik application there are many changes and updates

That is the reason why school officials from Elementary, Middle, High, Vocational, and SLB elements are required to download the latest Dapodi application so that they can update data easily and safely. This application update is very significant, especially in the menu of facilities and infrastructure, land data, building data, space data, equipment data, transportation data, and book data. This is of course very important for the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud).

Now before you Download the Dapodik Application who have used the new version of the database. So it would be nice for you to know what are the changes that are detailed and clearer in addition to the changes we have mentioned above. This is also very important for you to know so that you can freely and easily use the Dapodik application when you have downloaded and installed it.

List of Changes to the Dapodikdasmen Application

In this new version of the Dapodik application, there are many changes, for that you will be confused when using or operating this application if you do not know what changes were made to this application. Now, please read and understand the list of changes to the new version of the Dapodik application as we will mention below. Read How to Check Certificates Already Registered at Dikti or Not

  • Change of security method and password
  • Sanitation input changes
  • User access flow changes
  • Changes in calculation method on room and building conditions
  • Validation update on sync
  • Added power source distance attribute
  • Adding the student’s KK number attribute
  • Adding KK and NUKS number attributes to GTK
  • Adding the head circumference attribute to the student’s periodic data
  • Splitting the facilities and infrastructure form into 3 parts
  • Adding sub menus of land, buildings, space, tools, transportation, and books
  • And many others

Download the Latest Dapodik Application

After you know the list of updates regarding the latest system for the 2022 Dapodikdasmen application, next you must have this application for later you download and install on your device so that you can use it properly. This application is not a common application that you can get from your favorite application store. For that, please download it from the link that we have prepared below.


How to Install the Dapodik Application

Well, if you already know what updates are contained in the Dapodik application, and have also downloaded the application. The next step you have to know how to install this application. This is very important so that you can use it on devices that you will use later. To find out how, please follow the procedure below.

  1. The first step is to make sure you have successfully downloaded the dapodik application on the link we have shared above
  2. Then please go to the download folder or the folder where the dapodik file is located
  3. If you have found it, please double click to install
  4. Next click run and wait until the installation process is complete
  5. Now you can use it

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The final word

That’s what we can share with you, hopefully what we have explained to you about How to Install the Dapodik Application you can understand well. Thank you too Download the Dapodik Application. See you on another recent discussion.

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