Dangerous Popcorn? It turns out these 7 foods can cause cancer

Talking about food, there are so many kinds, guys. But, have you ever tried to find out whether the foods we consume most often are harmful or not?

Turns out, apart from foods that harm the kidneys, there are also foods that cause cancer. What do you think, guys?

Come on, let’s look at the article!

Often Consumed, This Food Is Dangerous!

You have to be careful when choosing food, guys, not only can it raise your blood sugar, some of these foods can cause cancer!

Listen well, guys..

1. Milk

Cancer-causing foods


Talking about milk, now there are many kinds of packaged milk, guys. Milk is also one of the drinks most often drunk by the public.

But, if you consume too much or not according to the rules, it is very dangerous. Not only will it cause stomach pain, it can also cause cancer.

2. Salmon

Cancer-causing foods


Salmon is one of the fish that has a lot of nutrients, one of which is omega-3, vitamin A, protein and amino acids.

But guys, it turns out that this salmon has the potential to contain levels of mercury, PCBs and dioxins that will activate cancer cells.

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3. Bread

Cancer-causing foods


Bread is a dish that is usually paired with milk for breakfast in the morning, this one dish also contains a variety of nutrients, guys.

However, it has been found that bread is mixed with potassium bromate. Apparently, once identified, these additional chemicals can cause cancer in humans.

4. Vegetable Oil

Cancer-causing foods

Vegetable oil

Vegetable Oil is one of the oils that can be obtained from extracts of various kinds of plants and has many benefits.

However, vegetable oils also contain omega-6 guys. Yups, this one fatty acid turned out to be unhealthy and very dangerous.

In fact, it can change the structure of human cells and lead to cancer cells.

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5. Red Meat

Cancer-causing foods

Red meat

As we already know, meat is a food that contains protein and carbohydrates.

Well, the content in red meat is also higher than white meat and poultry.

But guys, you have to be very careful with meat that comes from large livestock. Examples such as pork, beef and mutton.

If you consume it with high levels of heat and acid, it can cause cancer.

6. Canned Tomatoes

Cancer-causing foods

Canned Tomatoes

It’s not just sardines, guys, it turns out that now there are canned tomatoes that we can serve practically. Tomatoes are a vegetable source of vitamin C.

The bad news is that canned tomatoes are one of the foods that can cause cancer, guys. Why? That’s all because tomatoes have a high level of acidity.

With this level of acidity, it is very dangerous if it is put in cans with the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA).

7. Popcorn

Cancer-causing foods


Do you know this one food? Popcorn is a food that we usually eat while watching movies, guys.

This food turns out to be dangerous and can cause cancer, guys, because the popcorn bag contains perfluorinated chemicals (PFC).

When the package is heated to microwave, Then the PFC will decompose into perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This substance causes the growth of cancer cells.

So, how are you guys? If there are criticisms and suggestions, please write in the comments column yaa.

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