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Recently, an Android and IOS face changing application called FaceApp has suddenly gone viral. This application is very popular among students to Hollywood artists. FaceApp is used by Netizens to change their own face or the face of their friends to be old. Then the question arises whether FaceAPP is dangerous for its users? Let’s explore!

Dangerous FaceApp?  Says who?
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Fear of having his face stolen by Russia

Various speculations arise because the maker of FaceApp Wireless Lab, from St. Petersburg, Russia. This has caused panic among American netizens, who know they are always suspicious of anything made in China and Russia. Because of that The Democratic National Committee in America is giving a warning to all those working in the presidential campaign to remove FaceApp.

Dangerous FaceApp?  Says who?
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FBI Asked to Check FaceAPP

The result of unfounded worries, to the point that the minority leader Democratic Senate, Chuck Schumer, asked the FBI and Federal Trade Commission to investigate FaceApp. The senator added in his letter that as FaceApp’s popularity grew and national security and privacy concerns grew, he asked the FBI to determine whether the personal data uploaded by millions of Americans to FaceApp would fall into the hands of the Russian government or groups with ties to the Russian government.

FaceApp CEO Comments

After much controversy finally FaceApp CEO Karoslav Goncharov spoke up, he denied that Russian President Vladimir Putin was also involved in the application. But he confirmed, that the original images from users were uploaded and processed using the cloud. This means that the data is collected in a place called a server.

However, FaceApp’s servers turned out not to be in Russia, but in the United States, Singapore and Ireland, and belonged to Amazon or Google, Wireless Lab said. Once uploaded most images are deleted within 48 hours, except for advertisers, third parties do not receive any metadata. It’s a strategy similar to the way Google and Facebook handle data, at least, that’s what they say.

What do you think, is FaceApp dangerous or just a figment?

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