Danger!!!! Sms Contains Malware Viruses Can Damage Your Mobile Machine.

A popular security company from Denmark has recently been reported to have detected a virus called Malware on Android which is very dangerous for mobile phones. Surprisingly, the virus can spread through short messages or SMS from unknown numbers.

The name of the company is called Heimdal, and the company has found malicious SMS sent to 100,000 Android-based mobile phones in Denmark. The SMS is dangerous because the content of the message is a malware virus that can threaten data from sophisticated Android-based cellphones.

It is known that a malware virus known as Mazar can actually take over the user’s position as director on Android-based mobile phones. So that the virus can delete all data on your Android phone. In addition, the virus can process messages or calls, so you can’t control it.

According to research and trials conducted by Hamdal, the Mazar type Malware virus will enter via SMS containing what looks like an ordinary multimedia message. Then, when the user selects the link, Android will automatically download a software called Tor.

Then Heimdal detected this case as the first attack of the Mazar virus that targets many Android users at once. However, Heimdal has not been able to confirm whether this attack also occurs on Android users in other countries.

Uniquely, the virus was not able to attack Android which uses Russian as the operating language. For that, the Chief Executive of Heimdal Morten Kjaersgaard suggested that users turn off the installation feature from unknown parties to be safe.

Well, it would be better if you were careful when using your cell phone. If there is an SMS from an unknown number by sending a link or links, don’t open it. If not, then the condition of your cellphone will be unsafe.

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