Dance On Mobile Holds Event Register With Various Attractive Prizes

Along with the growth of interactive digital content and the increasing number of smartphone users, simulation-type games still manage to sit in the top ranks. Based on that basis, in the middle of 2022 Infinitech Prodigy optimistically will release a casual dance genre mobile game, namely, Dance On Mobile.

Dance On Mobile, a casual simulation game with interesting features that will be coming soon on Google Play and AppStore! Dance On Mobile immediately captured the interest and enthusiasm of dance game lovers in various cities. Since the news of its release, interest and positive responses have come not only from casual game lovers, but also from Japanese anime lovers.

From several leaked images, screenshots and official videos that have been released on the game’s official fanpage Dance On Mobile, this game will present a world called City of Rhythm complete with venue, lobby, stage, and various rooms where players can interact, complete with cool avatars and amazing and fun stories to follow! These interesting and sophisticated features will certainly make your dance room atmosphere more lively.

Approaching the official start of the commercial phase, Team Dance On Mobile will distribute prizes directly to players who register on their website. By participating in this Pre-Register Event, you will immediately get GIFT CODE sent by e-mail. Later you can exchange this code for various prizes in the game Dance On Mobile. So, don’t miss the event. Get the Gift Code to get even more excited to start the Dance On game!

Let’s take note of this Pre Register event period, don’t miss the opportunity to get in-game item prizes that will be very useful when the Open Beta begins. So, keep watching your favorite game news portal to get the latest info from Dance On Mobile.

Pre-Register Dance On Mobile Event:

buddy Mobileague you can listen to the Pre Register Event tutorial info and also follow many other events with prizes on the official fanpage Dance On Mobile

Let’s prepare yourself to play Dance On Mobile !

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