Daisuke Kanbe’s Partner Celebrates Birthday

Yes, it is true Mobidachi, today May 2 is partner’s birthday Daisuke Kanbe, Kato Haru. To celebrate, Fugou Keiji’s official twitter Balance: UNLIMITED invites all fans to congratulate our favorite hot blooded detective.

Tweet with a special hashtag for Daisuke Kanbe’s partner

The announcement, which started on May 26 yesterday, invites all fans of the upcoming anime series back on July 16, 2022 This is to convey their congratulations via Twitter. By providing a hashtag #加藤春生誕祭 in your congratulatory tweet, it will donate a number to the number of greetings given to partners Daisuke Kanbe this. If a certain number is reached on this birthday, then several more profile characters of the characters other than Daisuke and Haru will be shown to the public.

Another Side of Kato Haru

A little personal info about Kato Haru, besides his birthday which falls on May 2, this 178 cm tall man also has hobbies and abilities Judo. This is not strange considering that this martial art is one that is taught at the Japanese police academy, as well as being one of the foundations for Taiho-Jutsu (Arresting Art), which is used by Japanese police in catching criminals.

Partner Daisuke Kanbe - Kato Haru Profile

Apart from this hobby, he also likes self-cooking. For this one, unfortunately the reason is not because he is a foodie who likes to try different recipes, but more to save. But what is your favorite dish that you like to cook? Could he ever try dishes that appear in anime or manga? Hopefully in the episodes that will be screened at Summer Anime 2022 later, we can see deeper insights about the hobbies of Haru.

So Mobidachi, come on what are you waiting for? I just tweeted his birthday wishes. You also don’t miss it. Immediately tweet your congratulations to Kato Haru And don’t forget the hashtag. We’ll see together the profiles of other characters who also appear in the series Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited this. Don’t forget to leave your comments and questions below.

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