Cursed Technique Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen

Is one of husbando Game Spot’s Jujutsu Kaisen, Megumi Fushiguro has appeared since the beginning of the series. As a student of the Metropolitan Curse Technical College, Megumi must have had special powers like the other students and teachers of the school. In this article we will discuss Cursed Technique of Megumi Fushiguro’s.

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Of the many characters in the story, it’s actually quite difficult to remember all of them cursed technique available and what are its capabilities.

But among them, cursed technique Megumi Fushiguro’s is the simplest. Over time, his strength continued to grow. Before going into the details, what exactly is it cursed technique Megumi’s?

Ten Shadow Cursed Technique

Megumi Fushiguro

Ten Shadow Cursed Technique is the official name of Megumi’s ability. It was a technique he had inherited as a descendant of the Zen’in clan. This technique was so precious and rare that Naobito was willing to pay a heavy price to get it back to the Zen’in clan. He tries his best to buy Megumi and almost succeeds if not for Gojo’s intervention.

Ten Shadow Technique allows its user to summon ten shikigami (animal-shaped spirits) of the shadows who fight in their stead or help them fight to attack and defend. Megumi made a hand shape to depict the shadow that represents shikigami who wants to be called.

So far, he had not mastered this technique completely and was still exploring all aspects of its power. Her ability also allowed Megumi to save cursed weapons/tools inside it.

If shikigami on the verge of collapse, Megumi can use it to distract her opponent. As such, shikigami can also act as distractors in battle.

FUN FACT: To control shikigami summoned, Megumi had to defeat him byexorcise they are first in Shikigami Exorcism Ritual.

7 Shikigami Cursed Technique Megumi Fushiguro

Divine Dogs

Cursed technique Megumi Fushiguro Divine Dogs

Just like his name, Divine Dogs consists of a pair of dogs (black and white). Both are shikigami first received by user Ten Shadows Cursed Technique. Divine Dogs is shikigami Megumi was the one he relied on the most.

They have an excellent sense of smell, memory and detection. Divine Dogs also strong in chasing and devouring cursed spirits. Sadly, Divine Dogs Megumi’s whiteness had been destroyed at one point in the story.


Cursed technique Megumi Fushiguro Nue

Nue is shikigami owl shaped which is very useful for observing the situation from above the sky. Even though it seems that Nue’s only function is, you will be surprised to find out that he is very effective, both in attack and defense.

Nue can release electric attacks from its wings at high speed. This attack will temporarily paralyze the opponent. Mobility Nue also very useful for Megumi, where it can protect her from attacks using her wings as well as take her away from harm.


Cursed technique Megumi Fushiguro Toad

As the name suggests, Toad is shikigami frog-shaped. It is large in size and has a strong tongue, which can be used to catch opponents, immobilize them and then throw them. Because he is so big, he can also carry humans in his mouth as you can see when he carries Nobara in one of the storylines.

Great Serpent


Shikigami The next one is in the form of a giant snake. Biggest advantage great Serpent is his element of surprise, where he can suddenly emerge from the shadows and grip his opponents.

Great Serpent can make it easier shikigami others to attack the opponent by immobilizing them. sadly shikigami this one had been destroyed in the hands of Sukuna at the beginning of the story.

Max Elephant


Max Elephant need a lot cursed energy to be called. It’s in the shape of an elephant and is fairly new in the lineup shikigami controlled by Megumi. Its specialty lies in its ability to spew large amounts of water from its trunk. Max Elephant can also destroy the opponent using his body weight.

Rabbit Escape

Rabbit Escape

Rabbit escape comes in the form of a pack of rabbits. This is an evasion technique that works to trick the opponent, by using the large number of rabbits to confuse them. This creates an opening for Megumi to escape, as you can see when she fought Toji in the Shibuya Incident.



Mahoraga is shikigami strongest that can be summoned by Ten Shadow Cursed Technique. It is inspired by Buddhist and Hindu mythological concepts. No user of the Ten Shadows in history had ever been able toexorcise shikigami this is to control it. Mahoraga is also still an unsolved mystery.


That’s it 7 Cursed Technique Megumi Fushiguro so far. By the name Ten Shadow which meant ten shadows, of course that meant that there was more that Megumi hadn’t shown. What other animal do you think will decorate Megumi’s line of techniques in the future?

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