Crowded After Analog System, VAINGLORY Soon Can Be Played on PC

SEMC Continues to Update Vainglory, Progress for Players

At the end of July 2022, SEMC released a Developer Update video as usual, but what’s special about the video is that there is some horrendous information in the analog-analog world. Starting from the promotion of Vainglory in collaboration with one of the well-known smartphone manufacturer brands, namely Apple, to another surprise, namely Vainglory will be ready to be present on PC and soon can be played cross-platform.

In the Vainglory Developer Update video, there is some new information that will be coming soon in the upcoming 3.6 and 3.7 updates. These updates have been summarized by the team in several points, namely as follows.

  1. Two newest Heroes, Silvernail and Yates
  2. Update 3.6 is scheduled for August
  3. New Skins Contender Kestrel and Summer Party Catherine
  4. New Friend Code feature, for easy Party Settings
  5. Cross Platform Smartphone and PC

Vainglory Summer Party Catherine

Vainglory Yates

Vainglory Silvernail

For those who are still curious about the full information, you can directly watch the following Developer Update video

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