Creation and loading of a virtual credit card credit (VCC) at EntroPay

What is VCC? VCC stands for Virtual credit card serve as a means of online transactions or payments on the Internet. Typically, VCC is widely used for PayPal verification, Google Play developer account purchases, game / application purchases, and online shopping alternatives for those unable to pay through a local bank account.

In addition, the benefits of VCC can also be to protect the primary credit card so that the credit card holder does not provide the actual credit card information when making online transactions. This is done to protect credit cards from unwanted or improper use of credit cards.

VCC can also be an alternative for those who do not have a credit card to make online payments.

There are many free VCC providers out there, including Entropay and Neteller. In this tutorial, the author will discuss creating VCC on Entropay. Here is the guide:

1. Go to the website

How to create a free virtual credit card (VCC) with entropay

2. Click the button Join Now.

3. Enter your name, your date of birth, your country, your e-mail address and create a username and password in order to log in. When everything is filled in, click Get your card.

How to create a free virtual credit card (VCC) on entropay 2

4. Enter your Mandiri, BCA or other debit card information with the Visa / MasterCard logo and you already have a token to be able to conduct online transactions.

5. Change “Choose your top-up amount” Become currency $ Dollars. Then enter $ 5 because it must be filled at least $ 5. The aim is to replenish the initial virtual balance on your credit card.

How to create a free virtual credit card (VCC) on entropay 3

Remarks: Here the author uses a Mandiri debit card that already has a token. If you do not have a token, please register with the nearest bank for independent internet banking and SMS banking and do not forget to register your telephone number at the ATM.

6. When everything is filled in, click the button Confirm details do charge. Wait for the process to be forwarded to the independent web and make sure that WL and your active number registered for SMS banking.


7th number WL You will receive a confirmation code to confirm that you have completed the VCC.


8. Enter the code you sent WL you then OK.

Create and top up a virtual credit card balance (VCC) at EntroPay

9. If the transaction is successful, you will receive the virtual credit card information you entered charge. Secure!

Additional information: This Entropay VCC can be used for PayPal verification, purchase of Google Play developer accounts, game / app purchases on Google Play or the App Store, purchase of LINE stickers and much more.

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