Creating and Using Recovery Points in Windows

There is a system restore feature on Windows called Recovery points. Recovery points marks a location or time on the system to ensure that users can go back to the time they were using the system if a problem occurs.

Recovery points play a huge role in system restore when a problem occurs in the system or is infected with a virus due to the use of Recovery points will restore our operating system to a state it was in before it happened. In this article, we’ll create and use Recovery points on Windows.

Remarks: This article applies to all Windows versions (as long as Recovery points available in Windows system)

Manufacturing Recovery points

1. To make Restore points, on the panel Begin, insert text Recovery points in the search field. If so, click the option that appears in the search box. We think so too Recovery points about location Start – Control Panel – System and Security – System – System Protection.

2. Partly System protection, click button Create to display a text field that will later be used as a position marker restore. Fill in the text as you want and then click the button Create in the text field to process the request Recovery points She.

3. To make sure we did Recovery points, click button system recovery At tab System protection. Then choose an option choose a different restore point at the end of the page. click Next, and later several appear Recovery points that you made.

Using recovery points

1. A “System Protection” tab, click button system recovery. Later we will have a choice of methods Restore according to the recommendations and Restore at our own discretion. Adapt to the requirements of your system. If so, click Next.

2. On the next page we will be informed of the changes that will be made in the Recovery points that we have hired. When you feel like you like it, click End and do the process Start anew on the system. Make sure no applications are running during the process Start anew so that there are no problems with the system.

Recovery points can also be used when Safety mode Windows as well as when our system is unable to run a process, which forces us to go through the reinstallation process.

This is a tutorial on how to make and use it Recovery points on Windows. Hope it’s useful.

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